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How & When to Trim Your Beard

Your goal is to grow a long and luxurious beard that strikes fear into the hearts of five o’clock shadows everywhere. Whether it's a few inches you want or you’re going full-Dumbledore, there will come a point in your journey where you’re faced with a difficult decision: Do I continue forward with this man-mane as is, or shall I do a bit of manscaping?

While you may be nervous about succumbing to the urge to trim, fear not. This will actually help you reach your #beardgoals. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t get carried away.


First, equip yourself with a durable pair of sheers. Avoid electric trimmers at all costs. While the relative ease of using a tool like this might be appealing, be warned: electric trimmers are known to cause split ends, which will ultimately require you to do more trimming down the road and slow your growth process.

With shears in hand, take some time regularly to “tend the hedges”. This will eliminate any split ends and keep stray hairs at bay. No need to go crazy; trim just enough to give your beard the clean and manicured appearance it so deserves.

You’ll also want to resist the urge to do any shaping. Leave this to a professional. As capable as you may think you are, it will be difficult to achieve your desired look since you only see part of the picture. A barber will be better able to see how you look from a variety of angles and give you the look you want.


Every two weeks should be an appropriate amount of time to wait between trims. As a rule of thumb, clean up your beard at least once between regularly scheduled trips to the barber.


You’ll want to trim your beard after a good washing. Trimming your beard while it still has product in it can create unintended results. A well-conditioned beard may appear particularly voluminous, skewing your decision-making abilities. A balmed beard may give the appearance of shapeliness, covering up the strays you’re hoping to eradicate. Do yourself a favor and keep it natural for your trim.

And for the love of Jason Momoa, DO NOT trim your beard while it is wet. When waterlogged, your beard will be weighed down and appear much longer than when dry. If you trim a soggy beard, you’re guaranteed to be disappointed when your beard dries up and you see just how much you chopped.

What other tips would you recommend for a good trim? Got a question of your own? Contact us on Instagram! Snap a photo the next time you trim your beard and tag us at @bedloeandblackwell. 

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