Which Bedloe & Blackwell Fragrance Best Suits You?

Which Bedloe & Blackwell Fragrance Best Suits You?

If you have any previous experience using beard oils, beard balms, or other beard care products, you're probably quite familiar with the standard, run-of-the-mill fragrances. Cedar, Sandalwood, Vetiver - you know... the kind of fragrances that make you smell like you got lost in the woods. While many a beardsman may enjoy these scents, there are few options available for those that are looking for a more refined fragrance. That's where Bedloe & Blackwell comes in.

We took a data-driven approach to our fragrance development, looking at thousands of fragrance profiles of the most prominent and popular mens' colognes. We broke each fragrance down by season, by fragrance notes, and by accord, being sure to give particular attention to those fragrances that had received the highest customer ratings from the most popular fragrance retailers.

After we had completed our analysis, we were left with five clear scent profiles, each with their own distinct character and unique blend of fragrance notes. We partnered up with a leading perfumery in Brooklyn, New York and reviewed dozens of iteration of each profile until we had finally landed on our five core fragrances: White Tea Citrus, Noble Wood, Spiced Bergamot, Smoked Leather, and Tobacco Rum.

Each fragrance can be worn in a variety of ways; whether you're going out on a first date or partying until the sun comes up, there's something for every occasion in our collection of deeply nuanced fragrances. Not sure where to start? Take our fragrance quiz to find out!

Which fragrance was recommended for you? Share it with us on Instagram! Snap a screenshot of your quiz results and post it, being sure to tag us at @bedloeandblackwell and we'll be sure to share your results with our community.

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